Bab is an Arabic word for gateway, also used as a loanword in Persian and Ottoman Turkish. Commonly used names of several gateways built throughout the centuries in Arabic or Persianate societies start with "Bab", such as for example the Bab Sharqi of Damascus, Syria.


Bab Sharqi ("The Eastern Gate"), is one of the eight ancient city gates of Damascus, and the only original Roman gate still standing. Its modern name comes from its location in the eastern side of the city. The Gate of the Sun, as it was known in Roman times, dates back to ca. 2OO AD. The gate stand over a grand avenue, the Street Called Straight, the main artery in the city.


In 1993, I have had the opportunity to gain first managerial working experience as a young engineer in Damascus. I was fascinated by this cultural utmost rich city. Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, inhabited for over 4000 years. Despite the dreadful development in the country, it is my greatest hope that one day the people of Syria may return in peace to this wonderful city and rebuild it to its shining heyday.


The logo of BAB Global contains the Bab Sharqi as a symbol for the gateway into fascinating infrastructure.